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WVU vs. Maryland Grades: A Unit-By-Unit Look At The Mountaineers Victory Over The Terrapins

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To say this week has been hectic would be putting it mildly.  Here are the delayed grades for the Maryland game.

Offense:  B+
Tempo and running game were there during the first half.  3 costly turnovers bring the grade down, although they were able to drive the field and get points at the end when needed, if only 3 instead of the desired 7.  That still forced Maryland to perhaps change how their last drive was orchestrated.

Running Game:  B
Not setting the world on fire, yet marked improvement this week, and we even had a couple rushing touchdowns

Quarterbacks:  A-
Geno sets his personal career highs in attempts, completions (school record here) and yards

Receivers:  A
For the first time ever, I believe, WVU had 3 receivers eclipse the 100 yard mark (Tavon, Stedman and Sticks)

Defense:  C
Wonderful first half and created 3 turnovers, especially when it need it the most at the end.  Getting pushed around in the run game during the second half is a major concern heading into this week's game with LSU, who love to pound the ball

Special Teams:  A
Several nice returns and no real coverage breakdowns.  Bitancurt perfect on the day.

Discipline:  A
We'll just disregard the 2 personal foul calls as the BS they were.

Crowd:  A
Sitting in an opponents stadium has never been so nice, for me at least.  Huge contingent of Mountaineers fans in attendance and lots of noise.