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Video Countdown to WVU-LSU Gets Offensive

In day three of our video countdown to the LSU game we focus on the offense. Since LSU's Brandon Taylor got things started earlier this week, it's going to be on the offense to prove him wrong. Anyone remember the last SEC safety to talk about shutting us down? Sugar Bowl anyone?

It didn't work out to well, did it? No, but this is a different West Virginia team. If, and when it happens this year, it will be through the air. It won't be a combination of two of the most dangerous ball carriers in college football. It'll be Geno Smith to Tavon Austin, or Smith to Stedman Bailey, or just Smith to everyone. However it works out isn't really important. Just that it works out and we remind everyone what it's like to walk into the buzz saw that is Mountaineer Filed at night. We'll cover the buzz saw more tomorrow, but for now everyone put your hands together for this offense.

WVU vs LSU Countdown to Kickoff The Offensive Video (via jp5384)

Join us tomorrow at the same time for the buzz saw and more Mountaineer goodness.