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Video Countdown to WVU-LSU: Day Two

As the countdown continues, I can't help but feel a little put out that so much conference realignment news is clouding the story of this game. As we're all waiting for the word (if one is coming) about where WVU's future lies, we should be focused on other things. We should be focused on what a huge game this is for West Virginia and how a win could put us in great shape for the rest of the season. We should be concerned with Jordan Jefferson's 49 pairs of shoes and which ones he will wear if he plays. Are corn dogs an acceptable tailgate food? And of course, inquiring minds want to know if Les Miles will try to eat the turf during the game. Since most of the SEC plays on natural grass, we wonder if he will know the difference.

But let's put all that aside for now. Tune out Lumbergh and his TPS reports. Just get focused on the game. Put on the headphones, turn the volume up, and help us count down to what is going to be a great night to be a Mountaineer wherever you may be.

WVU vs LSU Countdown to Kickoff Day 2 (via jp5384)

Join us again tomorrow at the same time for the hump day edition of the countdown.