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How To Save The Big East Conference - Crib Notes For John Marinatto On Realignment

Now, I realize that most of our fans would rather see our beloved West Virginia Mountaineers go to Southeastern Conference (not likely now, it appears), if that becomes a possibility, but the lead on SportsCenter's crawl:  "Oklahoma and Texas cleared by presidents to pursue realignment options" got me thinking.  "Realignment options" doesn't necessarily scream Pac-12, does it?  Could rumors of the Big East's eminent demise still yet be greatly exaggerated?  Might it actually be the first conference to get to the Super Conference status of 16?

Let's suppose that Big East commissioner John Marinatto isn't the dunce we all think he might be (and I am not saying that he is one, because he kind of looks, you know, mobbed up...which, incidentally, is why I write under a pseudonym).  Let's suppose that he really is the successor that Mike Tranghese thought he would be and right now he is working the phones.

Yes, the Big East has lost Pitt and original conference member Syracuse.  So seven schools remain, including poor TCU, the newbie currently harboring some serious buyer's remorse.  Rumors are rampant that Rutgers and UConn are almost gone as well, which is why Marinatto is working so hard, so fast, why his ears are hot from so much phone contact.  He has been on the phone all day, and deep into the night with the principals at Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma State.  John is begging them, pleading with them, to at least consider this.

Here is what he's been saying:  "Join the Big East.  We'll re-brand as The All-American Conference, or something less directional.  You pick the name Texas.  Call it the Longhorn Conference, if you wish.  But adding you four would put us at 11.  The Big 12 will be gone.  If we add, say Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, Iowa State and Baylor, we would be at 16 teams with divisions that make more sense than they would if you join the Pac-12.  Your travel costs would be substantially lower, because the breakdown by geography would be easy.  And it would be a great conference, not just in football, but basketball, AND baseball, too.  Think about it. 

A West division comprised of Texas, Texas Tech, TCU, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Kansas State, and Baylor.  An East Division of West Virginia, Cincinnati, Louisville, UConn, Rutgers, South Florida, Iowa State, and Missouri.  Yes, this conference has taken a hit, but it can certainly rise from the ashes and maybe even be better than it was before if you four would just come our way and open that door.  And Texas, we are more than happy to let you take whatever you want from that Longhorn Network."

I don't know about you guys, but that is a situation I could live with, and maybe one that makes more fiscal and competitive sense than a move the SEC.  If Tranghese were still the Big East commish, I feel certain something along these lines would at least be getting said.  Marinatto ought to be saying them as well.