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Former Mountaineers Face NFL Roster Cuts

I just got a message from Scooter Berry informing me that he had been cut by the Texans. He told me that he will not be on their practice squad because they don't keep defensive linemen on that team. The Texans went with five veterans on their defensive line instead. He told me that they said they he'll get picked up because he shows well on film, and if they decide to add a defensive lineman to the practice squad, they might give him a call. He said he thanked them for the opportunity to showcase his talents and that they feel someone will get him whether it's on the active or practice squad.

Other Mountaineers were cut today as well. Mortty Ivy had a very strong game for the Steelers last night against the Carolina Panthers, leading the team in tackles. Wes Lyons caught one deep ball for the Steelers for 38 yards. Despite Ivy's strong preseason, he was cut by the Steelers along with Lyons. 

The Berry cut hasn't been announced by the team as of the time of this writing, but you can keep up to date on the latest NFL roster cuts here.

Check in early next week after all of the roster cuts have been announced. I'll wrap up the final week of the NFL Preseason on Tuesday with a summary of all the Mountaineers that made their teams, were cut, and a little preview of what to expect this NFL season from former Mountaineers.