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Video Countdown To WVU-LSU: Day One

We're going to do something a little different around here this week. Since the LSU game this Saturday might be the biggest in Mountaineer Field history given all the conference realignment issues swirling around. Not to mention that LSU is ranked one or two in just about every poll.  As far as signature wins go, this would have to be the big one if it happens. I guess you'd have to go back to Va. Tech 2003 as the last highest ranked team to come to Morgantown. Something this big deserves a countdown.

With that said, our good friend JP is putting together the video countdown for us. You remember him from the Bruce Irvin video. With Jack Fleming and Tony Caridi narrating, we start the countdown with highlights from the first two weeks of the season.

WVU vs LSU Countdown to Kickoff Day 1 (via jp5384)

 Join us again tomorrow at this time for the next countdown video.