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WVU vs. Norfolk St. Grades: A Unit-By-Unit Look At The Mountaineers Victory Over The Spartans

If only we had to watch and grade the second half of this past week, the grades should have been outstanding.  But, there was that pesky first half that brought out the boo birds and consequently the overall grades this week.  I find it somewhat strange that I find myself being more critical than I have been in the past and agreeing with Coach Holgorsen in his displeasure.  He frequently voiced his disappointment over the performance, when our former head coach would not likely have done so, at least in public.

Offense:  C-
I can't believe I'm giving an offense that rolled up over 500 yards and 55 points a C-.  That's how bad the first half looked.  There were multiple cases of lameassery.  Case in point:  6 consecutive shots inside the 10 yard line and only 3 points came of it.  If this were based solely on the second half of the game, it would easily be an A+++.  The tempo was there and FAR fewer dropped passes.

Running Game:  D
Still only averaging 3.1 yards per carry.  I frequently saw the RB's cutting back straight into their blockers.

Quarterbacks:  B
The 5 TD passes between Geno and Millard saves this grade.  Lack of tempo in the first half brings it down.

Receivers:  B-
9 different receivers (including RB's) caught passes in this game and Devon Brown and Ivan McCartney had big games to go along with the expected one from Tavon.

Defense:  B
Again, solid, yet not spectacular.  Tandy was beaten deep once early, but was able to save the touchdown.  The defense has kept the opposition out of the end-zone for a second straight week.

Special Teams:  A-
Several nice returns and no coverage breakdowns of note to report here.  Bitancurt did miss one FG attempt

Discipline:  C+
The Mountaineers have yet to turn the ball over in 2011, but they were flagged 7 times for 85 yards.

Crowd:  B
The student section was well under capacity this week and the overall attendance was down by almost 9000 in nice weather.  There were several instances, especially early where the noise was a big factor in the Spartans getting several delay of game penalties.

Disagree with any of these?  Let us know below.