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BlogPoll: Week 2 Rough Draft

Here's your week two rough draft for the blogpoll. Remember, we're taking into account who these teams have played in coming up with this list. Leave your thoughts in the comments. We will be able to make corrections by Wednesday 10am.

1. LSU- Monster win over Oregon to start the season still resonates and they didn't let their cupcake gain over 100 yards of total offense this week. We need to grow up in a hurry before we meet these guys.

2. Alabama- After watching Penn St. all my life, it seems, I expect them to always be a good if not outstanding team. I didn't get to watch this one, but it seems they got out-maned by Alabama. Not too many people can do that @ Penn St. Bama also did all they needed to do against Kent St.

3. Boise St.-That win over Georgia looks a little more impressive. Since they were off this week, it’s really hard to move them down any.

4. Oklahoma St.- Damn! They haven't lost anything on offense. They made Arizona one dimensional. The score doesn't reflect an all out domination. But Brandon Weeden was 42/53. That's just silly.

5. Wisconsin- I think this is a really good team, but I'm not sure they belong in the top five yet. They held Oregon St. to 23 yards rushing and shut them out. They've certainly done everything asked of them. I'm just not sure I'm impressed with who they've played.

6. South Carolina- Had a tough game with Georgia after beating East Carolina who took Virginia Tech to the edge. I'm just throwing out words here. We'll see if Garcia and company can keep it going. I don't like that Georgia scored so many points. SC usually has a very stout defense. If they could have won this game more convincingly I would have them much higher.

7. Auburn-The War Eagle flying into the window didn’t seem to effect Auburn as they took down Miss. St. But this isn’t a dominant Auburn team. I expect the close wins to turn into close losses when they hit the road. But for now...

8. South Florida-After beating a Notre Dame team that seems to have a fetish for blowing holes in it’s feet, the Bulls took care of Ball St. in a very pedestrian manner this week. One thing’s for sure, they like to take the ball away.

9. Baylor- Still riding high off the win over TCU.

10. Arizona St.- Impressive overtime win against Missouri plus a curb stomp of a cupcake. I don’t get the feeling they will be any better than a 15-20, but they have the best names in college football on their roster. Linebacker Vontaze Burfict is just one of many.


11-25 after the jump.

11. Tennessee- The win over Cincinnati moves them in. But I really miss Phil Fulmer.

12. Nebraska- Had a tough game with Fresno St. You can't say that's a shocker. They were more balanced on offense than what I expected, though.

13. Texas- Beating Rice doesn’t mean much, and beating BYU by one point at home means slightly more.

14. Maryland-I know you probably don’t agree with this. But the blogpoll gods will strike you down for ranking your own team too high. Likewise, they will strike your opponent down if you rank them too high. So let’s all just live with this for one more week. Then the Terps will be a distant memory until next September. They did beat Miami while wearing what have to be the most disorienting uniforms the history of forever. That has to count for something.

15. Michigan-Again, to beat Notre Dame all you really have to do is get out of the way and let them implode. But Michigan did show some moxy in answering each score in the fourth quarter to win.

16. USC- Just doing enough to win at this point.Two quality opponents, though.

17. Cal- Ditto

18. Houston- The rest of the schedule is going to demand they score 70 every week to stay in.

19. Stanford- Two cupcakes. Two burps. Thing get interesting next week.

20. Florida St.- Two cupcakes. Two burps. We'll find out about them this weekend against Oklahoma.

21. Oklahoma- Like FSU, we’ll find something out about them this weekend.

22. Arkansas- Two cupcakes, two burps.

23. Michigan St.-Two cupcakes, two burps. Mark Dandonio, being the ever present grumpy person that he is didn't like that they scored so much. But he'll take it.

24. Florida- Wins over Fla. Atlantic and UAB aren’t top 25 material normally. But they won in convincing fashion.

25. Oregon- If they wouldn't have gotten throttled so bad last week, I would have Oregon a little higher.


On the outside looking in:

TCU- That Baylor loss might end up killing any chance of TCU moving into the top ten this year. So few quality opponents left on the schedule. They ran away from Air Force early and cruised to the win. Still a very solid team while they work in Andy Dalton’s replacement.

West Virginia-I can’t rank the Mountaineers in good conscious. They did wake up in the second half as opposed to Va. Tech et al that are noted below, but it shouldn’t have been necessary. Should have been a four quarter curb stomp.

Teams not in because of lackluster performances against lesser opponents: Ohio St., Virginia Tech, Syracuse, Clemson.

Little engines that might: Temple, with wins against weaker opponents so far could move in with wins against Penn St. and Maryland. Likewise for Navy. Wins against lesser competition, but South Carolina next and host of BCS competition after.