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Prop Bets for the College Football Junkie: WVU-Marshall


$ Troy Evans went a know...crazy in the head this past weekend, and because of that Marshall will be down one receiver this Sunday when they play West Virginia. It's noted that Evans pistol whipped one of his victims in the article linked above.

Later, Evans allegedly struck a fourth man in the head with the gun when the man refused to give up his wallet, and accidentally fired the gun when he slipped in the process of fleeing into some bushes.

It's not unlike the initial movement of a swim move where you strike at your opponent so you can swing your arm over to get past. It's for this reason that we are placing 3-to-1 odds that one of the coaches will yell out, "pistol whip and swiiii...swim move guys!"

Hat tip as always to EDSBS for providing us with a way to fight the boredom of the off season and make fun of our opponents at the same time.

$ So much has been made of the offense under Holgorsen and the expectations that this will push the team back into a BCS bowl. But before we get carried away with dreams of championships, there's a task ahead. A very important task, keeping HCDH awake. This leads us to our next prop: How many Red Bulls will Holgorsen down before the final gun? We're putting the over/under at five. Also, we're putting the line at +/-10 for the number of Red Bull ads you see on the ribbon each quarter. Push that number up if it makes you happy, Mr. Luck.

$ We all know Chuck Landon well enough to know that at some point he wrote a nostalgia piece that chronicles the Marshall program from the '97 WVU game to the first win over the Mountaineers. You know he has it tucked away somewhere, just waiting to fill in the final details. But the wait has been long, and maybe somewhere in his heart he knows his chances are getting fewer. So naturally, we're putting the line at 2-to-1 that Landon will burn that story in a hate filled rage (NSFW) that will signal the end of his work covering the Thundering Herd after they lose again in humiliating fashion this Sunday. 

Big East Quick Hitters:

$ Lou Holtz will find himself torn between rooting for his son and rooting for the Fighting Irish this weekend when South Florida and Notre Dame meet. Mark May knows this and knows he can get under Lou's skin no matter the outcome. We're putting the odds that Holtz goes off in a spit filled diatribe that leaves ESPN no choice but to let him go at 9-to-1. These odds are just further proof that you can't count on a Pitt man for anything.

$ Syracuse plays Wake Forest this weekend. The last time was not a pleasant experience for future Cincinnati quarterback, Ben Mauk. His arm was bent in vomit educing angles that we'd just as soon not think about. So we're putting as much distance between ourselves and any mention of injuries for something a little more desirable. We're putting the odds that the ghost of Marvin Graves rises up and gets another 3rd string Syracuse offensive lineman kicked out of the game for no good reason at 4-to-1.

Be wise, but bet hard.