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Robert Sands Stirs Things Up At Cincinnati Bengals Practice

Here is a video from the Cincinnati Bengals practice on Saturday morning showing Robert Sands (49) doing what Robert Sands does by putting a big hit on WR, Jerome Simpson (89) and then gets into a short shoving match. The exchange elicits a smile from Head Coach, Marvin Lewis. The Sands hit comes at around the 50-second mark. After that, the video shows WR, A.J. Green, make an impressive sideline catch that draws a big cheer from the crowd. 

This was the first practice in which there was 'live hitting,' and it's good to see Sands brought the same intensity to a Bengal uniform.  

In other Mountaineer/ Bengal related news, Adam Jones has practiced some while recovering from off-season neck surgery. He is expected to be back to full action within the next two to three weeks. 

Also related to Jones' off the field troubles in the past, Arvin Kenti Edwards was sentenced to up to 10 years in prison for opening fire during the Las Vegas nightclub melee in 2007. He has already served 3 years of the sentence and could be released as early as 2012.

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