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Countdown To Mountaineer Kickoff 2011: GameCon 30

With a tip of the hat/nod to EDSBS (among others), over the next month, we here at The Smoking Musket will be doing our own countdown featuring All-Time Mountaineers (based on jersey numbers) leading up to the season opener against Moo U. Feel free to offer future suggestions (or others with the same number you feel deserving and why) in the comments section below. Caveat: some of the final decisions may be based solely on image availability. GameCon 30 gives us J.T. Thomas, Jr.:

AP Photo/Jeff Gentner via

Thomas was a standout 4 year linebacker for the Mountaineers from 2007-2010. During his playing career in Morgantown, he managed to rack up 235 tackles (106 of them solo), 2 interceptions, 4 forced fumbles, 4 fumble recoveries and 7 sacks over his career before being drafted by the Chicago Bears in the latest NFL Draft. Oh yeah, he's a great guy too.