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WVU Football Chosen To Win League At Big East Media Days

WVU has once again been chosen by the media to lead the way in the Big East football conference this year.  The Mountaineers garnered 21 of 24 first place votes by the media in their annual poll released today at the 2011 Big East Media Days.  I found it a bit surprising to see UConn listed at #6 and Louisville down at #7.  Here is the full run down of the voting with first place votes in parentheses:

  1. West Virginia 188 (21)
  2. Pittsburgh 162 (2)
  3. South Florida 151 (1)
  4. Syracuse 98
  5. Cincinnati 96
  6. Connecticut 76
  7. Louisville 60
  8. Rutgers 33


"It's a tribute to where our program is at this point," said Holgorsen. "We've had a lot of success in the past and this program is in good shape.

"Our recruiting is going well and from a facility standpoint, there are things being talked about that are going to help the program keep getting better and better," Holgorsen added.

Blue and Gold News has a really good article covering some of Dana Holgorsen's remarks.  He made a point to speak highly of Jeff Casteel and the defensive staff along with Bruce Irvin, Keith Tandy and Terence Garvin, before moving on to remarks about the offense, which he stated was still a work in progress.

On the Backyard Brawl:

"I'm familiar with Coach Graham there, and he's familiar with me, so that should make that game even more interesting."

Other notes from Big East Media Days so far:

  • TCU will come to Morgantown next year.  Their 2012 BE schedule breakdown: Pitt, USF, Cincinnati, Syracuse at home. WVU, UConn, UL, Rutgers away.
  • UPDATED: TCU's 2012 BE home slate:  UL, Cinci, USF and WVU; away:  Pitt, UConn, Rutgers, Cuse
  • Every year at the misnomer-ed "Clambake", there is an unofficial contest to who can put away the most lobsters.  USF OL Jeremiah Warren was the winner this year.  He tied the all time record with 7, but was denied the chance to break it when supplies ran out.
  • Follow @Mengus22 from The Big East Coast Bias blog for tidbits throughout the event.