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You Make The Official Bruce Irvin Smoking Musket Video

Of course by official, we mean unofficial.  Because we neither have nor have been granted the rights to call anything official.  But to hell with the legal jargon, we're gonna plead nolo contendere anyway.  Right?

The rules for this contest are pretty simple.  Download the song I put together at the end of the post and make a video of it with Bruce Irvin as the centerpiece.  The video can consist of still images, Photoshopping is accepted, and punching below the belt is expected.  Live footage would be best, though.   Bonus points will be given for including Chris Tucker in the spot that will be obvious to you when you listen to the song.  When you finish the video, drop a youtube (or whatever you use) link in the comments or email it to me.  One week from today, we'll announce the winner.

The prizes work like this.  First place gets...well, a high quality t-shirt proclaiming yourself as the king of everything. Sorry for the technical dificulties, but my spreadshirt account is not being very reliable at the moment. I'll try to put something in after the jump. Plus you get all the rights and privileges that go along with being a TSM internet superstar. And our runner up gets a $10 gift card to Amazon. Because you can buy just about anything there from anywhere. You're all winners to us, though. Good Luck!


(right click to download, or left click to play)