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Countdown To Mountaineer Kickoff 2011: GameCon 18

18 days until the 2011 season kicks off for the Mountaineers and today we focus on the only Marshall that matters, former WVU quarterback Rasheed Marshall.

Rasheed is probably remembered more for the number 2 than number 18 which he wore his first two seasons, but pickings were rather slim for number 18. Phil Brady comes to mind, but even his most famous play against Georgia in the 2006 Sugar Bowl (see the 12:50 mark of the video) was wearing number 38 at the time and we wanted to spread the wealth around a bit.

Rasheed was the signal caller for the Mountaineers between 2001-2004, splitting time with Brad Lewis his freshman year before taking over full time in 2002. Recruited for Don Nehlen's traditional offense, Rasheed flourished under then new coach Rich Rodriquez's spread-option attack as a dual threat to run or throw. On the ground, Marshall compiled 2040 yards and 24 touchdowns, averaging 4.2 yards per carry, while passing for 5558 yards and 45 touchdowns.