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Countdown To Mountaineer Kickoff 2011: GameCon 20

We are within the 3 week window until kickoff and today we honor Amos Zereoue.

[George Goijkovich photo via]

Amos Zereoue spent three seasons leading the Mountaineer rushing attack from 1996-1998. Upon leaving school early for the NFL, Amos had already set the career rushing total (only to be eclipsed by Avon Cobourne a few years later, but Avon needed 4 years) with 4086 yards. On the ground, he scored 40 touchdowns to go along with his 5.2 yards per carry and also managed to pull in 55 receptions for 374 yards and 2 touchdowns. When he took his first hand-off 69 yards to the house against Pitt, WVU fans knew they had something special to watch for the coming years.