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UFL To Resume Play With One Less Team - Pat White Back In Camp August 22

After suspending the start of training camp (after players had already reported) to try to figure out a way to deal with a $20 million plus shortfall, the UFL announced today that they were going to fold the Hartford franchise and proceed with a four team league and play a six game regular season. The remaining teams will play in Las Vegas, Omaha, Sacramento, and Virginia. 

Camps will resume on August 22. The league will announce an adjusted regular season schedule sometime next week but have already announced that the league will open with games on September 15 and 17. Pat White's Virginia Destroyers will play in Omaha on September 15. Games will be televised on HDNet and other regional networks. 

Former Mountaineer and Miami Dolphin quarterback, Pat White, signed with the Virginia Destroyers in late June just before the original start of training camp. He will play for head coach Marty Schottenhiemer who, at the time, did not have an offense designed to utilize the talents. White will play behind established UFL quarterback, Chris Griesen. The UFL touted the signing of White as a major signing. So you can be sure that in a league struggling to carve a out a niche, and turn a profit, the Destroyers will find a way to get White on the field.