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WVU Football 2011 Trailer: "A New Era"

Dougity Dog wasn't about to be outdone by the previous video we offered for your entertainment.  It's so good, even Coach Holgorsen tweeted it.  Here's his latest:

It's a promotional theatrical trailer style video for the 2011 WVU Football Season.  The video features Coach Holgorsen and stars Geno Smith, Tavon Austin, Stedman Bailey, Bruce Irvin, Julian Miller, and Keith Tandy as well as Terence Garvin, Brad Starks and Shawne Alston. 

If this doesn't get you ready for the upcoming season, check your pulse, because it all starts next Friday with the opening of training camp and begins to come to a head on Sunday, September 4th against some school down south near the western border of this great state.  T-minus 36 days and counting (...and Pitt still sucks!!!).  We thank Dougity Dog for his top notch work and creating these videos and we hope the upcoming season provides him with plenty of new highlights to feature later.  Great job!!