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Undrafted Mountaineers and the NFL Lockout

Under normal circumstances, undrafted free agents would be picked up almost immediately after Mr. Irrelevant was announced. But with the NFL lockout, teams weren't allowed to sign free agents. So since the end of the draft, Noel Devine, Jock Sanders, Scooter Berry, Eric Jobe, and Sidney Glover have been in limbo. But now that the lockout is almost over, hopefully some good news is around the corner for some Mountaineers. Let's try to figure out where these guys might go. We're going to go ahead and say that Bill Belichick probably has all our former Mountaineers on speed dial and the only reason he didn't draft them was so he could look better by signing them as undrafted free agents.

Noel Devine My first thought with him was San Diego. I've always considered him to be almost a mirror of Darren Sproles. While the Chargers probably don't want or need two third down back types, they may see some value in having a younger version of Sproles to continue what they've done with him over the past few years. Plus, Devine would probably look almost as good in powder blue and gold as he does in old gold and blue. Also, with uncertainty over Reggie Bush, the Saints may want to have a back up plan in case they can't sign Bush. There is also an outside chance the Browns may want to pick up Devine.

Jock Sanders Because of his versatility, Sanders might be more appealing to NFL teams than Devine. As I was searching around I did notice that whenever Devine's name was mentioned, Sanders  was not too far behind. Although Sanders isn't as big as Harvin, I see him fitting into a role much like a Percy Harvin. With Harvin's injury problems, the Vikings may want Sanders. Although if they would keep him around, it would be for the practice squad in case of a major injury to Harvin. I could also see Sanders winding up with the Browns or the Broncos, cause both those teams need some spark in their offense. Now that I think about it, you can also expect Devine or Sanders to end up with any of the teams on the bottom of this list since the both have return skills these teams need.

Scooter Berry Maybe I'm not being honest with myself, but I have always thought a lot of Scooter Berry. I thought it showed something special that he came here as a fullback and ended up being a staple on the defensive line all four years. Maybe that's not one of the intangibles that NFL scouts are looking for.

 Very slow shedding blocks. Marginal skills rushing the passer. Not a great athlete. Berry is consistent and does the little things well. He lacks great size/speed numbers yet is productive in enough areas that he'll get consideration as a backup in a one-gap system.

Undersized defensive lineman? He'll be hanging with Pat McAfee in Indy. Count on it.

Eric Jobe I almost think you have to be Andre The Giant to even get a sniff from the NFL anymore. I still haven't gotten over the snubbing of Dan Mozes. Maybe they were right, but that doesn't mean I have to agree with it. Having said that, I think it really is a crap shoot for an undersized offensive lineman. He may have to accept being on a practice squad for a couple years and try to pack on a few pounds.

Sidney Glover I could see Sidney in Indianapolis as well. He's much better when he can keep the action in front of him and doesn't get caught in one on one situations. He may need to bulk up as well for when he's brought up to the line to help in a run stopping role. Like Jobe, I think he might be best served by a year or two on a practice squad to hone his skills for the NFL.

I'm sure I didn't cover everything, so I welcome your thoughts in the comments.