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Pitt's Pain Is Our Pleasure

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Unfortunately, by pain I mean not much at all. But it's still nice to see someone throwing daggers Pitt's way. If it causes just the slightest amount of pain, that's cool with me. Unfortunately, I think this is the extent of pain it caused:

Please just let this situation die a quick death.

This isn't really a new story as I honestly had to look around to see how big of a deal it actually was. If you don't feel like following links, Haywood is charging that he was fired partly because of his race. Like CardiacHill, I think this is far fetched. That I know of, he was the first choice for the job. When he was fired for the domestic violence issue, it seemed like the right move for our rival. That Todd Graham is making 500K more than Haywood doesn't seem that out of bounds because he does have more head coaching experience. He also has a longer, better record as a head coach. Factor in that any agent worth their salt would use all this as leverage in negotiations. In fact, 500K doesn't seem like all that much. Because Pitt was going to have to pay a little more to pull a coach away when so many coaches had already made their move, ie. there weren't as many options out there.

I'll be surprised if this ever goes to court. At best, Haywood might get a little something as long as it doesn't exceed what Pitt would pay in court costs. At worst, he might be putting himself in a position that no one will ever want to hire him if that hasn't already happened. But his back may already be up against the wall and he has no option but to go all in.