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7/19/2011 Weekend Recap Of Professional Mountaineers In Action

In this week's recap, I tell you how former Mountaineers performed in live action over the weekend and I talk with Avon Cobourne about an injury he suffered early in his game.

During the NFL's offseason, there are other football leagues in session. Among those right now are the Arena Football League and the Canadian Football League. You can see all of the former Mountaineers playing in other leagues here: Handy Reference for Keeping Track of Mountaineers in Other Leagues. There are currently eight former Mountaineers who play in leagues besides the NFL.

The United Football League is facing an operational shortfall of $20 million, and announced today that training camp has been delayed by 30 days pushing the start of the season back to mid-September. Last week, I told you about Pat White reporting for his first training camp with the Virginia Destroyers. He was there long enough to meet his new team, the coaches, and get his playbook before getting sent home. There are rumors floating around that the league's future is in jeopardy and that the NFL may swoop in to save it, somehow. Hopefully, things will work themselves out and we can see former Mountaineers such as White, Greg Isdaner, and Antwan Lake.

For now, here is a breakdown of how the Mountaineers who are playing right now performed.

Arena Football League

Eddie Davis- Milwaukee Mustangs

The Mustangs took on the Iowa Barnstormers over the weekend, annihilating them 83-49. The 83 points was a franchise high for Milwaukee. Davis earned more playing time after signing with the Mustangs last month. He took the majority of the defensive snaps and also returned a few kickoffs. Davis recorded two tackles and returned two kicks for 24 yards.

Kent Richardson- Philadelphia Soul

The Soul had a bye week and will wrap up their season this Friday night at home against cross-state rival, Pittsburgh Power. Richardson looks to cement his place on the all-rookie team and finish as the leading tackler for the Soul.

Quinton Andrews- San Jose Sabercats

San Jose was knocked out of playoff contention on a last second hail-mary to lose to Spokane 63-61. Andrews is the team's third leading tackler and had three tackles during the loss.

Canadian Football League

Avon Cobourne- Hamilton Tiger-Cats

The Tiger-Cats won their first game of the young CFL season on Saturday against Lance Frazier and the Saskatchewan Roughriders 33-3. Cobourne injured his foot during the first quarter but still had 53 yards on 10 carries and had 2 catches for 8 yards. I asked Cobourne how his injury was and he told me that he "felt like a biotch with his feet out in the field like that. Had some knots jump on my feet, but I'm glad it was nothing serious." He'll be good to go against B.C. next week. On the season, Cobourne has rushed for 111 yards and has 73 receiving yards as well.

Lance Frazier- Saskatchewan Roughriders

As mentioned above, the Roughriders lost to the Tiger-Cats 33-3. Frazier had 5 tackles in the losing effort. They go on to face Montreal next week.

Check back here next week for details of how these guys fared, and hopefully by then, the NFL Lockout will be over and I will have Mountaineers in the NFL news to add to this column.