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Pat White Opens Camp With The Virginia Destroyers


White will begin training camp with the Virginia Destroyers this weekend. He had a few interviews with the local media when he reported for camp on Thursday and revealed that he would be open to playing a position other than quarterback if that is what the team asked of him. That is a reverse from his stance after he graduated from WVU where he basically said "The only position I'm interested in playing is quarterback." Many thought that he would be better suited at the NFL level to play at wide receiver or return kicks.

The Miami Dolphins drafted White in the 2nd round of the 2009 NFL Draft to be a quarterback. They said that they weren't going to try to convert him to a different position; they drafted him to play QB. When things didn't work out with the Dolphins and he was released prior to the start of the regular season, White signed a developmental contract with the Kansas City Royals. After going through the winter in the developmental league, White abruptly retired from baseball. 

"I just wasn't 100 percent mentally and physically into it," White told Tom Robinson of the Virginian-Pilot. "I love the gridiron. I love the contact, even though I'm not supposed to get hit often. It's just a game I have a passion for. You can see that in the guys here (at the Destroyers training camp); most of us have a passion and most of us have something to prove.

Now White has a second chance to play professionally, this time, in the UFL. Now it seems as though White wants to make the most of his new opportunity and stick this time. 

White finds himself in a similar situation as when he joined the Miami Dolphins two years ago. White will begin his Destroyers' career behind Chris Greisen on the depth chart at quarterback. Greisen is in his third year in the UFL, and last season he went 3-0 as as starter and led the Florida Tuskers to the UFL Championship game. Destroyers head coach, Marty Schottenheimer, has never been a coach to show a flashy offense. Always a 'three yards and a cloud of dust mindset', Schottenheimer will not look to create an entirely new offense around the dynamic White. There is a a limited amount of time between the start of training camp and the Destroyers season opener on August 13. 

So, if White is going to see a lot of playing time, he may have to do something he didn't want to do before going to the NFL: he might have to play a different position. This time, he's cool with that. Schottenheimer hinted that he may try to play White at wide receiver, kick returner, and as a third-down running back. Schottenheimer also wants to see how well White throws the ball. He'll get his shot at quarterback, but the deck is stacked against him. 

As far as White getting on the field, that is something that the fledgling UFL and first year Virginia Destroyers want to see. In its second year of existence, the UFL touted the signing of White as one of the biggest signings in the short history of the league. The league is trying hard to make money. They want a well-known athlete such as White on the field and on TV. 

The four-time Bowl winning quarterback wants to do his part to help.

"I just want to help as much as possible," White said. "And whatever's asked of me, I'm going to give 100 percent."