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A Handy Reference For Keeping Track Of Mountaineers In Other Leagues


Two weeks ago, I presented you with A Handy Reference for Keeping Track of Mountaineers in the NFL. Today I give you a Handy Reference for Keeping Track of Mountaineers in Other Leagues. The purpose of the NFL guide was to let you know what teams Mountaineers play for and what their status was with each team. There were eighteen different Mountaineers on NFL rosters as of the time that was published. That number will change once the NFL Lockout lifts and some of the rookie free-agents (i.e.- Noel Devine, Jock Sanders, Scooter Berry, etc.) will be free to sign with any NFL team that offers them a contract.

If a person wants to keep track of the different Mountaineers playing on Sundays, it can be a time consuming effort. The reason I put that guide out was so I could point you in the right direction if you wanted to keep track. However, once the NFL gets back in session, you'll be able to rely on me to keep you updated on those players on a weekly basis. I will have a new weekly column to break down how each Mountaineer performed in that week's games or any news that they may have caused on the sidelines or off the field. It's easy to keep track of NFL players. There are so many reporters and news outlets that cover the NFL that there is sometimes an overabundance of information.

But what about Arena Football? Or the United Football League? Or, heck, what about Canadian Football?

The coverage for those sports can be spotty. Some teams get good coverage. Others don't. Other than Pat White, and maybe Avon Cobourne, can you name any former Mountaineers that you know are playing in those aforementioned leagues? For most of you, you probably cannot. That is why I'm here again to make things simple for you dealing with former players outside of Morgantown. I've had tips roll in from agents and teams alerting me to the presence of Mountaineers either signing contracts or just being on their roster. Other players listed below, I had to dig up. There is one other player that I know of that is close to signing a deal, according to his agent.

Every week, I will have an update of how each of these players performed in their respective games that week. The Arena League is well into their season, the CFL is just starting theirs, and the UFL teams are just starting to gather for training camps.

Arena Football League

Eddie Davis- Milwaukee Mustangs

Davis signed with the Mustangs at the beginning of July and has played in two games thus far. He has a few tackles, but has already made a splash on special teams. In his second game, he recovered an onside kick and returned it for a touchdown.

Kent Richardson- Philadelphia Soul

Plays DB and has recorded a team high 58 tackles (11 assisted), 2 forced fumbles, and 7 pass breakups this season. He is en route to land on the AFL All-Rookie Team.

Quinton Andrews- San Jose SaberCats

Plays DB and has 11 tackles and 2 fumble recoveries.

United Football League

Greg Isdaner- Hartford Colonials

Isdaner is going into his second season on the OL with the Colonials.

Antwan Lake- Las Vegas Locomotives

Lake is entering his second season with the Locos. He became a starter during the second half of last season registering 13 tackles and 1 sack. He had 3 tackles in the title game.

Pat White- Virginia Destroyers

White is the highest profile signing in the short history of the UFL. He looks to be a backup starting out, but look for him to get many more opportunities to get on the field than he did while with the Miami Dolphins.

Canadian Football League

Lance Frazier- Saskatchewan Roughriders

Frazier has been playing in the CFL since 2006 and has 136 career tackles to go along with 15 interceptions.

Avon Cobourne- Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Cobourne has over 3,400 career rushing yards and 27 touchdowns in six seasons in the CFL. In his first two years, Cobourne saw limited playing time. Most of his yardage and stats have come over the past four seasons.