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Adam Pacman Jones Gets Arrested Again- The Story With Two Sides *UPDATED*

You know the saying, "Nothing good happens at 3 o'clock in the morning?" Well, Adam Jones did his part early Sunday to help prove that phrase.

As J.P. Fanshawe posted this morning, Adam 'Pacman' Jones was arrested in downtown Cincinnati  at 3:11 Sunday morning on charges of disorderly conduct while intoxicated and resisting arrest. According to a report from WKRC in Cincinnati (not to be confused with WKRP in Cincinnati), who obtained documents stemming from the arrest, police were called when Jones got rowdy in the bar and was asked several times while inside the bar to calm down and exit. The report stated that he "repeatedly shouted profanities and waved his arms violently." That was the disorderly conduct part. 

The resisting arrest part came when police arrived and Jones had to be restrained by two officers while Jones was unwilling to be handcuffed. In Jones' mugshot, and video below, he is wearing a neckbrace. He injured his neck on October 24 during the Atlanta game last season, and had to have season-ending neck surgery. He was released from jail this morning, and faces arraignment on Monday. 

That was the side of the story that is in the public records. But what does Adam himself have to say?


When Jones was released this morning, Shannon Kettler of WVPO TV caught up with Jones as he emerged from the courthouse. 


Jones also jumped on Twitter, and revealed that he only blew a .01 on his alcohol test. He also posted this:


It was also interesting in the video, when asked about the neck brace he was wearing, he revealed that he had another surgery on his neck four weeks ago. That was around the time that he participated in a player-run, Bengals defensive camp (also attended by Robert Sands). It will be interesting to see if his latest surgery was a result of that camp. If so, then that was not covered by the Bengals organization. These player-run camps during this offseason do not come under the NFL's insurance umbrella. 

Time will tell how this falls out. We will know more tomorrow after he his arraigned. What his future with the NFL and the Bengals will be is a waiting game. Until the Lockout ends, the League and teams cannot discipline players. Jones was set to have a big part with the Bengals this upcoming season. 

UPDATE at 9:00 a.m., 7/11/11

Last night, a reader drew to my attention that none other than Deion Sanders, yes Prime Time,came to Jones' defense on Twitter telling what happened. Back in 2008, Sanders tried to help Jones repair his image. It appears that his job is not done:






We will let you know what happens following Jones' arraignment on Monday.