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Do You Think Bill Stewart Should Coach WVU In 2011?

There are a lot of rumors and sourced reports out there (Smoking Musket included) on what may happen with Bill Stewart, Dana Holgorsen, and the WVU football program in the coming weeks. Really, at this point, there's a chance Stewart coaches in 2011 and there's certainly a chance he doesn't. Everything is up in the proverbial air.

But what do you, as a fanbase, think? After everything that's happened since November, from the hiring of Holgorsen, to the "scumbag" call to Colin Dunlap, to Mardi Gras and Chuck Landon's article, do you think Bill Stewart should be the coach of West Virginia in 2011? Not will he, but should he?

And, as always, a short explanation in the comments will go a long way.