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Colin Dunlap Accuses Bill Stewart Of Attempting To Undermine Dana Holgorsen As Early As December

You just can't sleep when it comes to this WVU coaching situation.

Early this morning on 93.7 The Fan, former Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writer Colin Dunlap accused Bill Stewart of calling and asking him to "dig up this dirt" on Dana Holgorsen.  This conversation included Stewart asking Dunlap to investigate into any DUIs or skeletons in Holgorsen's closet.

According to Dunlap, #WVU's Stewart was asking him to dig up dirt on Dana Holgorsen, asking about DUIs or other skeletons in his closet.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply


According to Dunlap, this exchange occured on December 18, just four days after the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette first reported that Holgorsen would become the coach-in-waiting for the 2011 season.

The most damning quote from Dunlap:

Can you get the word ’scumbag’ tattooed on the front of the sports page?

If that's your head coach talking about your future head coach just four days into a full year's working relationship, then things are obviously not going to plan.  These revelations go a long way toward illustrating just how dysfunctional the relationships inside the Puskar Center.

The audio and pertinent excerpts are after the jump, all courtesy of KDKA and Sports By Brooks.

It was actually my birthday, December 18, it was the day he (Stewart) was going to the bowl game because I distinctly remember there was a coaches convention in Pittsburgh with high school coaches. He was (then) flying from Pittsburgh down to Orlando to the bowl game for pre-prep work...

…He (Stewart) tried to flame-throw the guy (Holgorsen) in December by calling me and at least one other reporter because the reporter and I discussed it. He said, ‘can you get the word ’scumbag’ tattooed on the front of the sports page?

'(Stewart said) you need to dig up this dirt. You need to get it out on this guy.’ And I said, ‘hey man, I’m not a part of some witch hunt.

… If you want to go look at my cell phone records you can, I don’t need to hide from it. The conversation happened the day he (Stewart) was driving to the airport from the high school coaches convention in Pittsburgh. He was on his way to Orlando. (WVU assistant coach) Dave McMichael was in the car with him. The conversation happened.

CREDIT: KDKA-FM PITTBURGH by sportsxbrooks