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Marshall's Tron Joins The Police For A Night In Huntington

Tron & The Police
Tron & The Police

Keeping up with their trademark, three yards and a cloud of misdemeanors*, Marshall finds one of it's football players in trouble with the law again. The likely starting running back for the season, Tron Martinez, was arrested last Friday for obstruction and disorderly conduct. The misdemeanors by themselves wouldn't be that much to worry about on their own, but...

On April 17, 2009, Martinez was arrested and charged with 11 felonies, including gang participation, and a pair of misdemeanors in his hometown. At the time, Martinez had a football scholarship to Old Dominion University, which was quickly taken away.

He spent two and a half months in jail and nearly nine months on home confinement. Eventually, all charges were dropped minus a misdemeanor.

Those 11 felonies were all just a big mistake, right?  I mean, it's tough not to get picked up for gang participation in this crazy mixed-up world.

And while most of us would see a red flag, Doc Holliday's crazy eyes saw something else. Maybe it was Tron's time in the forty yard dash, or maybe it was an opportunity to give a talented but troubled kid a second chance. I have no doubt that Tron didn't have an easy childhood.  It's sad, and I hope Tron can get things turned around.

But, the fact remains that Marshall took a risk in order to get ahead and it's landed them with egg on their face.  Again.  After the past few months we've been through with our own troubles, and the bombs hurled at us from Huntington, there's really only one thing to do...

Nelson - ha ha! (via OsirisIX)

*Trademark of Swindle Industries