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Adventures In Mountain Mixology: Inventing The "Dana Holgorsen"

Not everyone deserves their own drink.

At this moment, no one is sitting around inventing something called the "Todd Graham." No one is inventing the "Paul Pasqualoni" (it's already been invented). And absolutely no one would ever think to name a drink after Steve Kragthorpe. Well, I say no one, but technically, someone tried before they were stopped forcefully by the CDC.

That said, there are those that rise above the drink threshold. Shirley Temple, Arnold Palmer (or the alcoholic John Daly), and even good old Tom Collins.

Dana Holgorsen falls squarely into that category. And seeing how this blog has a proof of 110 itself, I think we should take it upon ourselves to invent the "Dana Holgorsen."

A few rules:

  • It must be ingestible. No drain cleaner, Barbicide, or Goldschläger.
  • It must taste good. Listen, if we're going to all the work of inventing a "Dana Holgorsen," you better well know I will be drinking it at tailgates. Don't make it taste awful.
  • The more alcohol, the better. Put me on my ass.

The winning recipe will become the inventor of the "Dana Holgorsen," the official cocktail of The Smoking Musket.

Go to it, amateur mixologists and professional drunks.