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Dana Holgorsen Goes Skydiving

New Mountaineer Head Coach, Dana Holgorsen knows how to celebrate a promotion.

He was promoted on Friday evening, went on a fishing trip with WVU basketball head coach, Bob Huggins over the weekend, did an interview on Decision Makers, and on Tuesday jumped out of an airplane. Holgorsen went skydiving with the Golden Knights in support of Flag Day near Beckley, WV. It was one of his first trips as the Mountaineer head coach on behalf of the University. Somewhere in there, he had time to appear on CBS radio with Jack Arute and former boss, Mike Leach.

Holgorsen said that he used the trip, that also included a ride down the river, as a stress-reliever.

"My stress release was a day on the river – which it’s a beautiful river – and jumping out of an airplane," he said.

Holgorsen jumped in tandem with an experienced skydiver out of a plane over the New River Gorge, landing in the water near Ace Adventure Resort in Fayetteville. He was asked what his preparation was for the jump. He said he had none, just signed a waiver. You can watch footage of his landing here. It's worth 30 seconds of your life to see.

If Holgorsen's first few days on the job is any indication, then I get the feeling that the next few years on Morgantown are going to be a lot of fun.