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J.T. Thomas And Joslyn Levell's Appearance On ESPN's First Take

Last weekend, we told you the story about J.T. Thomas taking a young girl with spina bifida to her 8th grade prom in Morgantown, WV after he found out she didn't have a date. Since then, both this story and J.T. Thomas have gone on to earn national attention. Thomas has made radio appearances on The Jim Rome Show and FoxSports Radio over the past week.

The video below is J.T. Thomas and Joslyn Levell's appearance on ESPN's First Take. Thomas and Levell share how they met, who asked who to Levell's 8th Grade Prom, and they talk about the prom itself. 



With the NFL lockout still going strong (it's exactly 100 days till the NFL Regular Season is supposed to begin as of this writing), Thomas, for the moment, seems to be having no trouble in keeping his time filled.

Along with the radio and TV appearances, Thomas signed autographs in Morgantown this past weekend. Fellow former teammate, Robert Sands, has already had the #49 jersey assigned to him by his new team, the Cincinnati Bengals. Thomas has yet to learn what uniform he will be wearing when he dons a Bears jersey for the first time. This led to some awkwardness for Thomas at the autograph signing as he usually inked his Mountaineer #30 jersey number in the past. 

As far as the lockout goes, Thomas is itching to meet his new teammates and get into a Bears uniform.

"I'm anxious to get back on the field, anxious to learn, anxious to be a part of the NFL-- a lifelong dream of mine," Thomas told WVIllustrated's, Geoff Coyle. "I'm just anxious for everything in a way."