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An Interview With Da'Sean Butler

There are some days here in the offseason at the Smoking Musket, after a nice liquid lunch, that we don't have much to do but surf the internet or throw darts at our custom Rich Rodriguez dartboard. We ran across this pearl from of an interview of new Spur/ Toro Da'Sean Butler. In it, he tells how he felt when he heard the news that he was signed by the Spurs, where he was at the time, and what his living arrangements are. He also tells us the condition of his knee, and what, if anything, he thinks he can do on it. 

The video was taken on Friday of last week, the day before the Toros season finale against Joe Alexander's Texas Legends team. It ended up being a double-overtime game that Joe Alexander ended up dominating. Meanwhile, Butler did not get on the court. Now that the Toros season is over, Butler may rejoin the slumping Spurs roster in time for the Playoffs.