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Joe Alexander Has Huge Game vs. Da'Sean Butler And The Austin Toros

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After getting signed two weeks ago by the San Antonio Spurs, former Mountaineer Da'Sean Butler was sent down to the Spurs NBDL affiliate. The Spurs hoped Butler would get some quality practice time and possibly some game action as well.

Last night was the final game of the season for the Austin Toros, who held a slim chance of making the playoffs. They faced Joe Alexander's Texas Legends for the second game in a row. Alexander had a huge game for the Legends on Friday night, scoring 38 points. Coming into last night, it was simple for the Legends: win and they're in the Playoffs.

The question that we asked here was: since it was the final game of the regular season, would Da'Sean Butler get to play?

The Legends won the game in double OT with Joe Alexander coming up in a big way, scoring 36 points and grabbing 15 rebounds. The final score was 134-128. The game was tight throughout. When the Legends needed wins in the last two games of the season, Alexander stepped up and carried them into the post season.

Unfortunately for Butler, because the game was tight, he did not get off the bench. He had not had enough time with the team for their head coach to know what he could bring to the court in a close game. 

"As for me and expecting anything from the team, my whole role is to just whatever the team needs from me, that's what I'll do," Butler told Scott Grayson of WVIllustrated. "Whatever the organization needs from me, that's what I'll do."

Mike Tirico was talking about the Spurs signing Butler during the 4th quarter of this afternoon's game of the Spurs vs. Suns, and mentioned that the Spurs really hoped to see what they had in Butler during the Summer League. The way it sounded, like the Spurs didn't expect much during the four games Butler sat on the bench for the Toros, but just wanted for him to get up to speed.

Joe Alexander finished up an All-Star season for the Legends, finishing 2nd on the team in points and rebounds. He has improved much on the defensive end of the court, and looks to get an invite to a fall training camp.