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Dana Holgorsen Says, "Try Game Planning Against This, Yo."

We were running the ball okay, so we kept running it. The weather was a challenge, so we ran the ball 50 percent of the time and threw the ball 50 percent of the time. Depending on how games go, that may be the case or that may not be the case.

Yeah, Dana Holgorsen is totally going to line up and pound it down your throat.  Or he's not.

We're going to come out and throw the ball around.  Or that might not happen.

We may punt on second down.  Well, probably not, but you get the idea.

I don't know why, but I absolutely love this quote from Holgorsen.  There is an offensive philosophy at West Virginia to do what works -- and I dig it.  If that means throwing it a ton, so be it.  If it means running it a ton, so be it.

As I will tell anyone that will listen, I was a big fan of the Bobby Petrino offense at Louisville.  In the stands, I had absolutely no idea what type of play they were going to run next.  Where they going to run, pass, quick kick, fake punt, fumblerooski, intentional delay of game, forfeit, or Oopty Oop?  I had no clue. And while defensive coordinators are much more likely to have an idea, their trip to and victory in the Orange Bowl in 2006 speaks for itself.

Holgorsen, with a philosophy based in the Air Raid, seems to bringing that mentality to Morgantown.  How can defenses know what to stop when West Virginia's offensive coordinator doesn't even know what he's going to run yet?

Personally, I hate sitting in the stands and knowing exactly what play we're about to run.  More than that, I hate having the yokel sitting next to me calling out the plays as they happen.  Both have happened quite a bit over the past three years. I doubt very much either are going to be occurring this season.

[quote via WV Illustrated]