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The Smoking Musket's Top 10 Users With The Most Comments Of 2010

SBNation is rolling out a lot of very complex, in depth statistics this year, 99% of which you couldn't care less about. One that might interest you, however, is the top ten users with the most comments. We're always trying to foster more user discussion here at Smoking Musket because, let's be honest, our mothers don't even care what we have to say. It's you guys that make this site great (except The 25314, of course).

So, as you look at this, be thinking of two things:

1) If you're not on it, why don't you love Mountaineer sports?; or

2) If you are on it, look how much time you wasted in 2010.

WVUIE97 1059
Country Roads 881
5th Year Senior 851
JP Fanshawe 697
WVPiratesfan 614
The 25314 531
MtnEer_in_SC 464
WVUColumbus 446
Dr. Charley West 367
VTsucks 364

If you were ever to make a top 10 list, this would have to be it, right?