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Senior Day Game Thread: WVU vs. (11) Louisville (3/5/11)

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It's Senior Day at the WVU Coliseum as we honor the 5 members of the team playing their last game in front of the home faithful. Today we say thank you and good luck to:

John Flowers

Joe Mazzulla

Casey Mitchell

Cam Thoroughman

Jonnie West

WVU is playing for seeding today, trying to lock up the first-round-bye without needing help from anyone else (see Country Roads' guide to try to help you figure out all of the scenarios). Louisville has already locked up a top 4 finish in the Big East and the corresponding double-bye for the BET. Will they still be motivated? I wouldn't count against it. There should be a good crowd on hand, providing the students can make it out for this (relatively) early contest. Hopefully they can re-create the energy from this past Wednesday. Hey, we've got Frank Beamer on our side now...anything is possible. Television coverage is being provided by ESPN. So, sit back, prop up the feet, enjoy a beverage or three and leave your comments below.

And, as always...