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Under The Lights: WVU QB Geno Smith's Sophomore Highlights

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The incomparable Dougity Dog has done it once again.  This time, the subject of his work is quarterback Geno Smith's sophomore performances.  Personally, I am absolutely giddy with the prospect of Geno working within Dana Holgorsen's offense.  Last season, working under the often-times haphazard Jeff Mullen offense, Geno was still able to put up some pretty impressive numbers (2763 yards, 24 TD's against only 7 INT's).  Many even thought that he should have been honored as the All Big East First Team QB.  The ability is no doubt there, both mentally and physically.  Combine that athletic ability with the proven high powered offensive system that Coach Holgorsen is installing and the possibilities have the potential to be down right explosive.  I almost pity the defenses that WVU will face this year.

Many thanks to Dougity Dog for entrusting us with the initial distribution of his WVU videos.  Be sure to check out his other recent works, also featured previously on The Smoking Musket, focusing on DE Bruce Irvin and WR Tavon Austin (linked).