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2011 NCAA Tournament: #5 WVU vs. #4 Kentucky Game Thread

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Note: didn't even have to upload a new upside down UK logo -- just used the one from last year's Elite Eight beatdown.

Well, this is kind of a big game.

Kentucky coaches and fans have waited a year for this rematch (the players haven't because they're all in the NBA and swimming in money, Scrooge McDuck syle). A team with an All-American senior and fabulous freshmen was ousted from the tournament by a slow, nonathletic point guard from Rhode Island.

Kentucky had the height, speed, and skill to beat West Virginia. They just didn't have the heart. Today, at 12:15 on an unopposed national broadcast on CBS, we'll see a very similar scenario. Kentucky, with superstar freshmen Brandon Knight, Terrence Jones (he of no chin), and Doron Lamb, will face an almost depleted WVU side compared to last year. No Da'Sean Butler, no Devin Ebanks, and no Wellington Smith. It's really a game Kentucky -- favored in Vegas by four -- should win.

...Except strange things happen when Bob Huggins and the Mountaineers make it to the tournament. We outplay any reasonable expectation or skill level, going to the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, and now Round of 32 in his fourth trip. And Bob Huggins owns John Calipari, compiling an 8-1 record in their meetings (largely between Cincinnati and Memphis). And these seniors -- Mazzulla, Flowers, Mitchell, and West are all potentially playing their last games in the uniform -- are going to guarantee we're in the game, no matter what.

So sit down, strap up, and join us in the Game Thread as we watch what should be an extremely exciting game.

And, as always...