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2011 NCAA Tournament: How Far Does WVU Go?

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This isn't the bracket where you let your heart run wild and you pick WVU to win it all. It's not the bracket you fill out at 11:55 am Thursday morning. And it's definitely not the bracket you fill out after binging on peyote, pistachios, and V8 Fusion Banana-Strawberry for an entire weekend watching nothing but Passport to Europe with Samantha Brown on mute (and don't EVEN act like you haven't done that before). No, it's none of those.

I want you to literally put your heart aside for a moment -- I really like it when people say literally when they literally mean figuratively -- and predict how far WVU makes it in the One-One version of the NCAA Tournament. Do we get past Clemson? Can we upset Kentucky (again)? Can this #5 seed recapture the magic of last year's 2nd-seeded Final Four team?

Get your votes in quick. And pass the peyote.