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The Last Time WVU Played Clemson, The World Was Very Different

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Note: This is a story by The 25314. All rights reserved.

Frank Young makes it rain on Clemson (2007 NIT Championship)

(via mmmmvt83)

WVU last played Clemson in the NIT Championship in 2007.  Joe Mazzulla played 7 minutes that night.  I don't want to say Joe Mazzulla is old, but I told him to act his age and he died. 

Joe Mazzulla is so old, his birth certificate has Roman Numerals on it.

Joe Mazzulla is so old, when he was a freshman, there was no history class. 

Let's buy some black market plutonium from the Libyans, fire up the flux capacitor and take a look at what the world was like the last time WVU played Clemson, in 2007:

Number One Movie: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Number One Song: Glamorous

President: George W. Bush

Governor: Joe Manchin

Basketball Coach: John Beilein

Football Coach: Rich Rodriguez

WVU President: David Hardesty

Athletic Director: Ed Pastilong

Mike Gansey Status: Living in a bedroom above the Beilein's garage

Number of arrests for Joe Mazzulla: 0

Prices in 2007:

Gallon of milk:
About $3.50

Gallon of gas:
About $3

Loaf of bread:

About $2.50

Movie Ticket:

About $7

College Education:
Public: $6,185 Private: $23,712


About $300K by year end


$28,000 new, $13,000 used


25 cents per disposable diaper


$12 per hour (over 18)

Sunday Newspaper:

About $1.50


Postage Stamp:
$.41 for a first class stamp