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Compete In The 2011 Edition Of The Smoking Musket Bracket Challenge

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It's that time of year folks, when the office secretary who hasn't watched basketball since Christian Laettner played decides to fill out a bracket and win your hard-earned money in the office pool.  Yes, it sucks, but it happens every year so you might as well get used to it.

Or, you could play The Smoking Musket's Bracket Challenge, where we weed out the office secretary through a combination of sexual harassment and jokes about her weight.  Compete against your friends here at TSM -- the winner, surely the most illustrious title in all the land, will win a Nike WVU t-shirt in the size of their choosing.  Unless it's size small and you're a man, because: get in the weight room, son.

Follow this link...


...and enter the password " humpday " (all lower case, no spaces) for your chance compete against the best (and 5th Year Senior).

Good luck to all.