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Game Thread: WVU vs. Seton Hall (2/2/11)


National Signing Day is basically over and we're back to the actual games that are to be played. Huggs and the men are back at home in action against the Seton Hall Pirates tonight. Make no doubt about it, tonight will be a stiff challenge for the Mountaineers. Seton Hall has turned the corner from their struggles in recent years and has two legitimate threats in Herb Pope and Jeremy Hazell. Have the Mountaineers fully and finally turned the corner on the season and bought into what Huggs has been trying to get them to do? We will find out shortly. Televised coverage of tonight's game is on the Big East Network (of which, I could only verify MASN...FSN Pitt and SNY don't appear to be participating). So...grab a beverage, prop up your feet and leave your comments below.

And, as always...