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Is WVU An NCAA Tournament Team?

It's not a fun question to answer.

Sure, we have "the resume," which is what everyone points to in dismissing this question. A strong projected RPI of #23, three wins over the top 25 (of the current RPI), no terrible losses (Marshall wasn't good, but their RPI is #63), and we play in the strongest conference in the nation. Those are all signs pointing towards a tournament team.

Unfortunately, we only have 16 wins, and our remaining schedule is an absolute nightmare: four teams ranked inside the top 16 out of the next 5 games. Assuming we beat Rutgers, there's the chance of going 1-4 to close the season, which would put us at 17-13, still with a very strong RPI. That's a tough call for the tournament committee, one that WVU fans probably won't like the result.

So, I ask you loyal fans, are we an NCAA Tournament team?