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ESPN's Big Monday Game Thread: WVU at (20) Syracuse


I was gonna just put the block "S" up, but an upside-down "S" is, well...still an "S"

Back in football season, we accused Otto the Orange of being a serial killer and we all remember the carnage that followed (much as we try to forget). This morning, we invoked the Chipotle Curse on these guys today in hopes of some better mojo. USF and UConn tried it to no avail. Next, we pleaded for some help from Gordon Malone (wow, we seem a bit desperate). I say this: Curse Shmurse, Mojo Shmojo. Much as we like to think our silly superstitions affect the games, they don't. Players? Maybe. Fans? Hell no. Anyway...Huggs leads the men into the Dome tonight for a tilt with a somewhat struggling Orange team that's lost two straight. Unless Boeheim reneges, Fab Melo isn't going to play again tonight. Television coverage is on ESPN tonight starting at 7:00. So, kiss your sweety, grab a beverage, put your feet up and leave your comments below.

And, as always...