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Why You Should Be Excited About This WVU Recruiting Class

We've been through a lot in the past few months, certainly.

Three months ago, legions of Mountaineer fans were calling for the head of our head coach.  Then, when they got their wish, some of those same people stepped back and wondered if the right decision was truly made.  From Stewart, to Stewart and Holgorsen, to just Holgorsen, there is a lot of transition happening in Morgantown.  And that's just from our perspective, fans who support their school no matter what.

Think of it from a recruits point of view.  He has to likely make a decision tomorrow about the next five years of his life.  Recruits that made that decision to come to Morgantown four years ago (and redshirted) will have seen Rodriguez, Stewart, and Holgorsen as coach-in-waiting.  That's a very different path than they might have originally expected to be signing up.

Tomorrow, we're expecting around 20 high school seniors to pledge their allegiance to a school and program that could potentially look very different, not just five years down the road, but in just a year or two.  That's a big, big expectation, and it's one that this current staff has convinced some talented kids to accept.

This is not a class that is going to rank very high on anyone's national lists.  But it is far -- very far, actually, from a lost class (note: if you want to see a lost class, take a look at Pitt, whose class absolutely disintegrated in the past two months).  While their might not be the impact names of Devine, Gwaltney, etc., there are a lot of needs addressed in this class, and not with mere fillers as might have been expected after the coaching upheavel.  Plus, the momentum has really picked up lately, meaning we should have much bigger things coming in recruiting next year.

So, while signing days of past have been filled with praying for the commitments of players like Vince Beamer (if you're into WVU recruiting, you know how that worked out), tomorrow will be a little more quiet.  There's certainly still the chance of some late coups (Dominique Terrell, etc.), but more likely, we'll see something resembling the class currently assembled: solid, nothing fancy, and keeping the system supplied with playable talent.

And that has me excited.