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John Marinatto Is The Greeter In Football Purgatory

The Big East has invited five teams to join the conference. Houston, San Diego State, Boise State, Central Florida, and SMU. It appears that all five will join. It also appears that they all have very flawed logic. I know this because they all looked at this and thought it was a good idea.


You guys probably think I'm kidding but I'm not. Don't look into his eyes or it's all over.


Oh my, too late. The real problem here is that you're walking into a bad situation. No matter how good you are at football, national titles included, you'll always play second fiddle to basketball (see Miami). Sure, the Big East has been a phenomenal basketball conference. But it doesn't pay the bills the way football does. With three of the more successful basketball programs leaving the conference, it will still be good. But it won't be the dominant conference it has been.

As far as football, have you seen the bowl tie-ins? You should really have a look. Because it's a lot like homerun derby. You either get a BCS bowl or something called Beef O'Brady. Also, in years that Notre Dame is worth a damn you could get bumped down to an even lesser bowl by TD Jesus. Then there's this:

"Some of the people that don't have [BCS AQ status], say they don't want it," Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany said. "Some of the people that do have it don't really care about it. Maybe it needs to be reconsidered.

"I'm not wed to it. I'm wed to the 1-2 game and I'm wed to the Rose Bowl. I'm not wed to the [BCS AQ] selection process or the limitations."

Seems to me the AQ status is the only reason you would want in the Big East to begin with. Then there's that pesky TV contract.

The addition of the five schools along with current members Cincinnati, Connecticut, Louisville, Rutgers and South Florida puts the Big East in media markets totaling 28 million households, Sterk said. That gives it the largest local reach of the BCS football conferences, Sterk said, and that should help when the conference renegotiates its TV deal in September. A group of 10 media consultants estimated the Big East's new TV deal could pay each school between $6.4 million to $10 million annually, Sterk said.

Wooooo! I know it's more than what you are currently getting. But when you're traveling across multiple time zones several times a year, is it really a net gain or loss? Don't get me wrong, this influx of new teams does nothing but help West Virginia's chances of an early exit. If Pitt and Syracuse would sack up and do what West Virginia is doing, we'd be out tomorrow. But we've learned never to count on them for anything.