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Game Thread: West Virginia Mountaineers @ Kansas State Wildcats

Coach Huggins has the Mountaineers on the road tonight when they take on his former assistant and school in Frank Martin and the Kansas St. Wildcats. While the game is not technically a home game for K-State, the game is in Wichita (kind of the equivalent of WVU playing in Charleston). Huggs has publicly called out this team rather harshly recently, but also has admitted that they are getting better each day. Could this game be the beginning of a new rivalry for the two schools (as WVU is set to join the Big 12)?

Coverage of tonight's game is on ESPN2, beginning at 9 pm EST (provided the UConn/Harvard game is over). So, find a comfortable spot, grab your favorite beverage or 11, put your feet up and join in the running commentary, random observations, snark, wit, hopes, fears, cheers and jeers in the comments section below.

And, as always...