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Week 15 BlogPoll Ballot

Because 3-25 need love too.

Rationale after the jump.

If you've followed, you know I'm not one of the people that thinks Oklahoma St. is better than Alabama. They are an incredibly talented and devastating offense. Their defense was as well last night. But that hasn't been true all year. And that's really the only reason.

Great season for Stanford, but like just about everyone else in the top ten, they didn't capitalize on Alabama's one loss. I did have to move them back up over Arkansas. When I look back over the whole season, Stanford was the much more consistent team. USC should have won that game, but they weren't nearly as consistent as Stanford either.

Wisconsin should have been better than this. I would have loved to see them take on Alabama or LSU. The match up of their offensive line against what are easily the top two defensive lines in America would have been fun.

I would like to thank Clemson for doing what they did Saturday. It may not have seemed like a big deal to you. But it meant the world to me. The only disappointing thing is that we won't get a chance to play Virginia Tech in a bowl game.

West Virginia wasn't pretty, this week or most of the year. But they did manage to do what needed to be done. Better days are probably ahead for this team. But you can't be too disappointed in the final results.

I wonder if Penn State would have fared better this year without all the controversy. People certainly did need to be punished, but none of them were the players. I was tempted to put Arkansas State in, but didn't. Although they did beat as many top 25 teams as Virginia Tech.