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Bearcats Win, Mountaineers In

Louisville had one shot to get to a BCS bowl. I guess we both did. But while West Virginia was relying on a team that had been on top of the Big East for most of the year, Louisville was counting on UConn and Paul Pasqualoni. And when you have to count on those two for anything, you've probably already lost.

The second half of the UConn-Cincinnati game was a little closer than any of us would have liked. You would have thought that UConn would have come out a little more aggressive since they were playing for bowl eligibility. But perhaps the Huskies and Randy Edsall bit off a little more than they could chew in last year's BCS game and decided to skip the bowl game this year and save some money. At any rate, this most likely means the Mountaineers are headed back to a BCS bowl game. Louisville? They've probably got some anger issues with Pasqualoni they need to work out.