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Gamethread: Cincinnati Bearcats vs. Connecticut Huskies

Today, the Mountaineers are Bearcat fans. WVU did their part to win a share of the Big East league title, but must now wait for the result of the Cincinnati/UConn game to find out if they will get the chance to go to a BCS bowl, likely the Orange Bowl in Miami. Since this game means as much to Mountaineer fans everywhere, we knew we had to have a gamethread to comment on today's game as it progresses.

Televised coverage is being provided by ESPN and ESPN3 at noon(tune in to the TV and not the computer feed (if you can), unless you want delays and spoilers in the thread like Thursday night). So, find yourself a comfy spot, grab some grub and your favorite tasty beverage or 11 and join us in laying out running commentary, random observations, snark, wit, hopes, fears, cheers and jeers in the comments section below.

And, for today...