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WVU vs. Villanova MAPOG: Truck Leads The Way

With Deniz Kilicli struggling to play through an injured hip and Kevin Jones having his time on the floor limited by a cut, Truck stepped up and led the Mountaineers to a Big East conference opening victory over the Villanova Wildcats. After the game, Truck admitted to having too much energy early and was playing a bit out of control. After he settled down, he wound up scoring a career high 34 points to go along with 3 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals and a block.

Perhaps it was out of necessity, given the situation with Kilicli and Jones, but Jay Wright got a taste of his old medicine when Coach Huggins unleashed a three guard set on Villanova. The Wildcats out rebounded WVU but contributed to their own demise by committing 15 turnovers, leading directly to 24 of West Virginia's points. Gary Browne, KJ and Kilicli also chipped in double figure scoring to help the cause.

Seton Hall is up next for the Mountaineers, tomorrow night on ESPN2.