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When Bears And Ducks Chat

Getty Images

It's not normal for bears and ducks to chat. We know this. You know this. But we also know that this being Christmas eve-eve, you slipped out the side door 20 minutes early. You're doing 50 in a 25 so you can meet some guy named Lou in the warehouse district to buy some genuine fake Faberge Eggs for your mother-in-law to smooth that thing over from this summer. Your daughter just sexted you from her new phone instead of her boyfriend. And those fast approaching speed bumps indicate that you don't know the difference between 10 and 25. You don't care for logic at this point anymore than I do. So that's why the bear is chatting with the Duck.

As for the bear, well yes we are playing Baylor tonight. I can think of no better way to say hello to someone from our new conference than by writing a check our team may not be able to cash. We're not winning pretty this year, but we are winning. There is something to be said about that with a young team. It's not taunting, though. It was made with the best of intentions. The video this came from was actually fun and well done. Now, if you were a Panther...